You’re feeling weary. Every muscle is aching in protest to yesterday’s workout. Why torture yourself?

But it’d felt so good after the workout, flooded with endorphins and fighting fit.

Now… it feels like you’re being punished!

It’s no wonder we experience love/hate feelings towards exercise.

Like a frenemy, we often have an on-again-off-again relationship: some days we love exercise, other days we swear we’re done for good.

Gym superheroExhausted

If you’re convinced exercise is your frenemy, maybe we should take a closer look…

Why Frenemies Can Be Good

We approach the name with caution, but there are benefits to frenemies:

  • You can learn important emotional and self-control skills
  • Teaches you to get along with people/situations you don’t enjoy
  • The competitiveness can drive you to accomplish more
  • They can break monotony

In this light, there are certain types of frenemies where exercise could be likened:

1. The competitor who must win.

Strength building and muscle-memory encourages you to push yourself and outdo your previous workouts. It also motivates you to compete against others.

2. The gossip who’s obsessed with social image.

Exercise can make you more aware of how you’re looking and feeling. Self-image can be important for personal development (to a degree).

3. The Criticiser who’s brutally honest when you’re not performing.

When you haven’t put in a proper effort in your workout, your body knows it!(And it’ll cost you some of those awesome endorphins).

These traits can push you in a positive way.

Friend or foe?

As you experience more benefits of exercise, you’ll soon question the ‘frenemy’ status.

During those times of strain, remember it’s actually doing you a favour. The burn you feel isn’t punishment – it’s the lactic acid fuelling your muscles, helping you grow stronger.

In time, you will see exercise for the true friend it really is.

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